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AI Website is not just an ordinary website; it is a website integrated with artificial intelligence, which can boost your work speed up to 10 times. With AI Website, you can automatically and quickly generate content, design interfaces, understand data, and optimize SEO. It's a modern solution that saves you costs and time. Seize the opportunity to thrive with AI Website Design today!
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Why Choose AI Website

AI Website is a new technology that equips you with optimized tools to gain a competitive edge in the online market.

Work Speed 10x

AI Website can automatically and quickly generate content, customize interface designs, analyze data, and optimize SEO, saving you time and effort.

User-Friendly Management

AI Website features a user-friendly and easy-to-use management system, eliminating the need for technical or design knowledge to create a professional and impressive website.

Regular Updates

AI Website is regularly updated with bug fixes and new features, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry. New features are added for free and updated automatically.

Mobile-Focused Design

AI Website is designed to display well on all devices, especially mobile phones. Reports show that over 70% of users browse websites on mobile devices.

Core Web Vitals

AI Website complies with Google's Core Web Vitals criteria, including page loading speed under 1 second and optimized user experience. Ensure a 99% Google page experience score.

SEO Optimization

AI Website includes all essential SEO components such as automated titles, descriptions, keywords, H1, H2 tags, as well as advanced features like structured data, author, and E-A-T.

Outstanding Interfaces

With just a few clicks, you can create beautiful, effective, secure, and optimized webpages to achieve your goals.


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Complete tasks faster and better

With the power of AI and Sudo's administrative assistant already integrated.

Deep content construction using AI

AI Website can help you build deep content using AI. Just provide your ideas, subjects, and goals, and AI will write smooth, logical, non-repetitive, and persuasive paragraphs.
You will save time, effort, and costs in the content production process. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the effectiveness and creativity of your work.

Write content favored by Google

Do you want your website to rank on Google's top? You need to write high-quality content that meets the needs of users and Google. AI Website helps you analyze the Top 10 ranked pages, create optimized content outlines with just drag and drop and a few clicks.
To stand out on Google, you need to write unique or higher quality content than what already exists. You don't have to spend time searching and reading the top 10 pages, as this feature will help you compare and improve your content.

Automatic translation, summarization, rewriting, and more

Translate all languages directly from the editor with accurate and natural language translation.
AI can also help you summarize paragraphs, write short or expand topics to give you more creative ideas. AI Website allows you to define and create according to your desires.

On-Page SEO Score

The SEO scoring plugin helps you easily optimize On-Page SEO for your articles. The articles will always meet Google's requirements: primary keywords, secondary keywords, keyword density, latent semantic keywords, headings, internal links, external links, etc.
You can also filter articles that have not been optimized or have low On-Page scores, no internal links to optimize and adjust your SEO plan.

Non-repetitive keywords and content

This is crucial for a large website.
If you optimize one keyword for more than one article or create duplicate or similar content, it indicates to Google that your website's quality is poor, and Google may not rank the correct target page. The keyword management feature will ensure that primary and secondary keywords are not duplicated, avoiding duplicate content.

Core Web Vitals (Google Pagespeed)

Optimizing Google Pagespeed or Core Web Vitals is a set of metrics measuring important aspects of user experience. It is also a factor that Google uses to rank websites.
AI Website has optimized code and interfaces when building, optimized servers at Sudo, and uses technologies like Gzip, Cache, WebP images, Lazyload, etc., to help you achieve an absolute Google Pagespeed score of 100%.
* To achieve a high score, you need to follow the instructions of the SEO experts at Sudo.

Drag and drop or paste to add images

You can insert images into text just like in Microsoft Word. You have two ways to do this: drag and drop the image to the desired position or copy the image and paste it with the CTRL + V shortcut.

Flexible interface customization

Switch interfaces without extra fees. You can change colors, content, and display styles for the homepage of all themes as you wish from more than 20+ display types and variations, all with just a click, no need to write code.

Page loading speed in just 1 second

The source code and algorithms are optimized to ensure Core Web Vitals score of 99% and page loading speed of approximately 1 second, maximum 3 seconds.
AI Website uses Hosting storage services at Sudo, ensuring speed and website experience.

Data security

AI Website has mechanisms to block and warn when someone tries to log in with too many incorrect attempts. The administrative account has 2-factor security through the Google Authenticator application.
Together with servers using European standards, data backup is independently done daily in two independent countries (Vietnam and Singapore) to ensure your data security.

Simple Pricing

Only one choice for News Websites, E-commerce, and Businesses

Join Over 500 Satisfied Customers

AI Website has been carefully built to meet the needs of both beginners and industry experts. Discover why customers trust and love us!
Sudo's AI Website is a fantastic solution for my business. I don't have to worry about content writing, interface design, data analysis, or SEO optimization. Everything is automated by artificial intelligence. I can focus on business and customer development.

Mr. Ho Thanh Son

Ho Thanh Son - Marketing Director at YUANAN VIETNAM

I'm very satisfied with Sudo's AI Website. It helps me save a lot of time and costs in building the company's website. It also provides me with many new and modern features, keeping my website up-to-date and attractive to users.

Mr. Chu Tuan Anh

Executive Director -

Sudo's AI Website is a breakthrough technology in website design. It not only makes my website beautiful, efficient, and secure, but also helps me manage and optimize it easily and quickly with artificial intelligence capabilities.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung

Executive Director - Thanh Trung Mobile

I've used various website design services, but Sudo's AI Website is the best service I've ever known. It has a user-friendly, flexible, and diverse interface suitable for all fields and purposes. It also has a simple and easy-to-use admin panel, allowing me to control my website anytime, anywhere.

Mr. Pham Hong Hiep

Pham Hong Hiep - Affiliates, Freelancer

I love Sudo's AI Website. It's an excellent tool for creating Google-favored content. It helps me analyze the Top 10 high-ranking pages, create optimized article outlines, and score On-Page SEO. As a result, my website always has quality content that meets the needs of users and Google.

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh

Executive Director - Hoa Thinh Interior

As a newcomer in the travel and Vilas management industry, thanks to Sudo's AI Website, I could create a professional and impressive website. I don't need technical or design knowledge to do this. I just need to drag and drop or copy and paste to add images, choose colors, content, and display styles for the homepage and subpages. Everything is straightforward and convenient.

Ms. Huong Cao

Manager at Ngo Minh Vilas

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