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Step 2: Enter the information for the Website to be built


Per month
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 01 theme
  • Page load speed in just 1 second
  • Integration of SEO Doctor Assistant
  • Continuous Updates
  • Storage Capacity: 2GB
  • Unlimited Access, Products, and Content
  • Daily Data Backup
  • Optimized for SEO


Per month
  • Full Range of Features like STARTER Package
  • Unlimited Interface Usage
  • Fast Website Speed in just 1 second
  • Unlimited Feature Library Access
  • Continuous Updates
  • Storage Capacity: 4GB
  • Online Payment
  • Multilingual Integration
  • Integrated Shipping Providers
  • Watermark
  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Source Code Handover

Step 3: Check the order and usage period

Step 4: Pay for the order

After safe and successful payment completion, we will install and send usage information, instructions for your Website to the Email you registered


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Cycle 12 Month


Payment fee




Step 4: Pay for the order

Customers can scan the QR code below for payment. We will contact the customer as soon as possible (usually within 30 minutes).

  • Bank transfer payment
  • Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank
  • Account holder: Nguyen Cao Tu
  • Account number: 0989022022
  • Or transfer under the identifier name: sudo
  • Transfer content: WAI-150724
  • Total payment amount: $
  • After successful completion of payment, Sudo will send the account, instructions to your Email.
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