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Your website requirements are always met with us

Sudo comprehensively meets all requirements with a professional process. Focusing on sales, customer care is all you need to succeed.

Simple Upgrades Simple Upgrades

We help you upgrade whenever you want with an optimized cost. The website can integrate with any other tool or system.

Standard SEO Optimization Standard SEO Optimization

Your website integrates standard OnSite elements such as sitemap, robots, rich snippet... friendly to all search engines worldwide.

Long-term Support Long-term Support

We are committed to providing long-term and attentive support. 100% technical support for peace of mind via Ticket, Email, Phone.

Optimized Cost Optimized Cost

Flexible cost calculation based on functionality. You choose the Modules you need to build, integrate appropriately for the best performance for the website.

Good performance is not enough, Sudo creates intelligent websites

Good performance is not enough, Sudo creates intelligent websites

The database is analyzed and evaluated meticulously. Ensuring stable and scalable system operation in the future. Moreover, the Website content can be dynamically changed based on user demographics, geographic location, or access device. The Website is search engine-friendly (including structured data - Rich Snippets). The system fully integrates tools for easy content management and updates. You can also verify with Google Webmaster, integrate dynamic Adwords Re-Marketing, Facebook Live Chat... all operations are extremely simple.

Good performance is not enough, Sudo creates intelligent websites

Understanding technology

Good performance is not enough, Sudo creates quality products
"We create products that help you succeed"
Aesthetic in design and stable operation are not enough. You also receive continuous support, maintenance, and upgrades on demand. At Sudo, we research and apply the latest technologies to enhance website performance, from speed to task processing time.
Sudo supports you in reusing all data from the old Website that has been developed, moving them to a new platform while retaining all Marketing and SEO values. Sudo helps you build a solid foundation for your business to take off on the Internet.

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Solutions for you "Choose us, and you'll save a lot of costs"

AI Website

Only with: 320 $

Fast deployment within 24 hours (News, introduction, sales, business websites)

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automatic On-Page SEO scoring

20+ pre-optimized templates

Fast page loading speed from 1-3 seconds

Ensuring 99% (*) Google Pagespeed

Customizable layout and simple interface

Free new features from the library

Free interface conversion

Support data migration from the old Website

Integrated Google Shopping

SEO standard Website

Support multiple languages (Vietnamese, English, French, German...)

Trail free

Customized Website

Only from: 2.500 $

Businesses need unique design or special requirements

Suitable database, programming language for the problem

Developing features according to requirements

New, exclusive interface design

Super fast page loading speed - just 1 second

Ensuring 99% (*) Google Pagespeed

Development, upgrades on demand

Support data migration from the old Website

High security

High stability - 99.99% Uptime

Prioritize support and problem-solving

SEO standard Website

Independent data backup in 2 countries

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Standard Equipment for Website

Content management (e.g., introduction/information pages, products, news), can be divided into many categories, unlimited number.

One language: English or Vietnamese. (Including the language of administration and users)

Friendly and easy-to-use input system, similar to Word software.

Full support for SEO (Meta description, Meta keywords, ...) for Google and Social, friendly URL.

Storage of object-impacted images - Object Storage or Local. The ability to save image titles, descriptions, and keyword searches (reusable).

Contact page including contact information, Google Maps, and email form for reminders to administrators.

Custom 301/302 redirect links, automatic sitemap.xml, customizable robots.txt, and more.

Easy to change information on the Website such as Logo, Website name, address, email, hotline.

Easily add, remove, change the order of values on the menu by drag and drop.

Guaranteed fast page loading speed from 1 to 3s.

European Standard Technology Websites

As an agency providing services to businesses in Vietnam and Europe, we understand the importance of data security and stability. Sudo applies technologies and processes to enhance the data security of applications, limiting any interference from inside and outside. Some notable technologies we use.
Git Git Store code, record the entire change history of source code in the project. Control all changes in the source code.
Docker Docker Create independent and separate environments for applications to operate, enhancing security and scalability.
Object Storage (S3) Object Storage (S3) Store object-oriented data with unlimited scalability, high performance, and distributed access.
CDN CDN Store Media placed in Vietnam, with advanced CDN support to speed up the Website for all users worldwide.
Server Load Balancer Server Load Balancer Support load balancing and scaling to handle large access volume up to 1,000,000 visits per day (30 million visits / 1 month).
Open VPN Open VPN Ensure and commit to customers when storing data and operating the system at Sudo. 100% internal controlled connections.

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We grow with your success, dedicated guidance, and thoughtful help. We are here anytime you want a 24/7 help.

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