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Aug 04, 2023

Welcome to Sudo E-commerce Co., Ltd. Please read this Agreement carefully before using or registering for Sudo's services. This Agreement contains important information about the Terms and Conditions related to your legal rights and remedies, as well as measures to address issues you may encounter while using our services.

Our website and the services offered on the website,, are built and owned by Sudo E-commerce Co., Ltd. By using the website and the services described on the website, you agree to comply with the contents specified in this Service Agreement.

Based on business operations and legal regulations, we have the right to modify, update, supplement, or remove part or all of the content of these terms without the obligation of direct notice to you, but we will make it public on our website.

In the event that one or more terms of this Agreement conflict with the provisions of the law and are declared invalid by a court, that term will not be applicable and will be modified to comply with the current legal provisions, and the remaining terms of the Agreement will remain valid.

Article 1: Scope of Application

This provision applies to all matters related to the registration and use of services: Domain name registration, Hosting, Server, Content management, SEO, etc., between the service user and the service provider, Sudo.

Article 2: Definitions

In this provision, the following terms are understood as explained below:

"Service user" refers to organizations, institutions, and individuals who have accepted these provisions and registered to use the services in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Sudo.

"Service" refers to all services provided by Sudo, including Domain name registration, Hosting, Server, and other related services.

Article 3: Registration and Use of Services

3.1 Domain Name Registration Service

Domain names selected for registration by organizations or individuals must ensure that they do not contain phrases that infringe upon national sovereignty, national security, social ethics, national traditions, and customs, must demonstrate seriousness to avoid misunderstandings or misrepresentations due to homonyms, synonyms, or when not using diacritics in Vietnamese... (point 2) according to Article 6, Chapter II of Circular 24/2015/TT-BTTTT dated August 18, 2015, of the Ministry of Information and Communications, which regulates the management and use of Internet resources.

The registrant of a domain name is fully responsible for the legal purpose and accuracy of the information provided, ensuring compliance with the prescribed domain name registration and use, not infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of other organizations and individuals.

The registrant of a domain name is responsible for managing and maintaining the use of their domain name and must take responsibility for any violations arising from lax management, be responsible for managing and monitoring information on the status of the registered domain name's operation and validity period (If the registration information of the domain name is provided incorrectly, the registrant must take full responsibility and will not be refunded for the incorrectly registered domain name). In all cases, domain names that do not continue to pay maintenance fees when due will be automatically suspended and withdrawn according to the regulations. Vietnamese domain names (with the extension .VN) are revoked according to the regulations in Circular No. 24/2015/TT-BTTTT on the management and use of Internet resources (35 days after the domain name's expiration date).

Organizations and individuals, when registering domain names, must provide complete information about the domain name server they are pointing to.
The registrant must complete the domain name registration procedures as prescribed by the Registrar
According to the regulations in Circular No. 24/2015/TT-BTTTT on the management and use of Internet resources, the registrant must provide a registration declaration for Vietnamese domain names, international domain names with the signature of the registrant, a stamp (for organizations) of Sudo E-commerce Co., Ltd., and a photocopy of the identity card with the certification of the registrant or representative (for organizations). If the required documents are not provided within 07 days from the date of domain name registration, the service will be temporarily suspended according to regulations.
The registrant must provide complete information and cooperate with Sudo and relevant state agencies to resolve and handle issues related to the domain name (in case of disputes).

When changing the names of organizations, institutions, or contact information such as Domain name Manager, contact address, telephone, fax, email, identity card... the organization, institution, or individual must update this information for Sudo to adjust and update in a timely manner to ensure accuracy. The registrant is responsible for checking the Whois information of the domain name immediately after successful registration or maintenance (refer to

Regarding ".vn" National Domain Names: Ensure compliance with the regulations of the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) on domain name registration and use (details: Here).

Regarding International Domain Names: Organizations and individuals legally operating in Vietnam using international domain names to establish electronic information pages are responsible for notifying the use of domain names to the Ministry of Information and Communications at the Website:, and must report any changes in this information. According to Article 23 of the Law on Information Technology dated March 20, 2009, which regulates administrative penalties for the management, provision, and use of Internet services and electronic information on the Internet.

All disputes related to .VN domain names will be handled in accordance with the regulations of the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC). Refer to the .VN domain name usage agreement here.
All disputes related to international domain names will be handled in accordance with the regulations of the highest-level domain name management organization (ICANN).

3.2 Web Hosting, Email, Virtual Private Server (Cloud VPS) Services

  • We are not responsible for legal matters or other liabilities related to any stored information/accuracy of stored information on our servers.
  • We are not liable for any legal claims or damages arising from data loss or damage to data stored on our servers.
  • Hosting packages at Sudo are designed to provide an environment for individuals, businesses, and organizations with small to medium-sized websites. We do not limit bandwidth and storage to support the best service for customers, avoid interruptions during operations, and website operation. At Sudo, we prioritize the stability and security of our service system. Therefore, when the monitoring system detects cases of resource misuse such as bandwidth, capacity, etc., for improper purposes or with signs of affecting the performance and stability of the system, we will notify and advise customers to use another more suitable service or may limit resources, temporarily suspend the service package causing this impact.
  • Service users must personally store all account information and customer data stored on our servers.
  • Not allowed to transfer, give, gift, or resell services without our acceptance.
  • Not allowed to store or transmit information, data with content that distorts, defames, violates the law..., goes against the political line of Vietnam and other countries, or content related to pornography, obscenity, fraud, violating the cultural traditions and customs of the Vietnamese people.
  • Not allowed to store or transmit information, data directly or related to content violations of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and the rights of any party.
  • Not allowed to use programs capable of congesting or stalling the system, such as continuously using resource-occupying programs, all auto tools, etc.
  • Users are responsible for the content of the emails sent and should not use them to send SPAM, ADVERTISING mail, BULK MAIL, MASS MAIL, BOMB MAIL, or any programs, mail client source code affecting the system, and the IP reputation provided by Sudo. Users must ensure that all emails sent comply with Vietnamese cultural and legal standards, especially the Law on Information Technology and under safe conditions.
  • For hosting and email services, data is backed up once every 1 day and kept for 3 most recent copies. For Server services with maintenance packages, Sudo will provide an additional 2 backup copies (1 copy at the central server cluster, and 1 copy at a different Datacenter). In case the customer liquidates the contract, the system will automatically delete the account and all related data within 15 days.

Article 4: Payment

  • The service user is responsible for making full and timely payments.
  • Within 48 hours from the time of service registration, if payment is not made, all registration information for service use will be invalid.
  • During the prescribed period for service renewal, if payment is not made, the service will be suspended and withdrawn according to regulations.
  • We will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to late payment.
  • During the waiting period for payment, if the domain name is registered for another entity, we will not be responsible for any consequences.

Article 5: Information Security

  • The service user is responsible for the username, password, password maintenance, password changes, and changes to information - data related to the registered services and accounts provided by Sudo.
  • We will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to the negligence of the service user in disclosing information.

Article 6: Termination and Cancellation of Service Provision

If we discover any violations by any customer of the above regulations, we may unilaterally terminate the contract or immediately stop providing any services related to that customer without prior notice. We will not be responsible for any consequences and will not compensate for any damages or refund fees.

Article 7: Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We commit to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to guarantee the uptime of our services.

Article 8: Refund Policy

We commit to a 100% refund when customers do not receive the expected service quality (NOT applicable to domain name services).

Article 9: Provider's Responsibility

Sudo will not be legally responsible and will not compensate for any losses or damages arising if the service user does not comply with the above regulations.

Last updated: August 20, 2020

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