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Committed to growing traffic, increasing customers and your brand .

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Solution smart and effective for Business

Building solutions that match the wishes of users in each industry to create content that reaches the right target customers for the Enterprise.

High Efficiency (commitment)

Without traffic, every website becomes meaningless. We are committed to creating traffic from Google and increasing UNLIMITED and FREE potential customers for your business.

Smart Execution

Combination of SEO and Content. Plan methodical content strategies to match the requirements of potential customers. Useful and impressive contents contribute to bringing the Business brand into the user's mind.

Allowable Expenses

Website management works effectively, safely, and securely. Your Business does not worry about recruitment, HRM, price increase, and time-saving. All data is automatically backed up daily.

Proper SEO Optimization

Content is optimized for search engines with SEO standards. Increase organic traffic, develop Website and sustainable brand recognition from search engines.

3 Steps to Approach, Ensure Successful Website Management

1 Research products, customers, and goals

Find out information about products, services, competitive advantages, and target customers.

2 Ideation and implementation.

Create user-oriented contents that meet your business goals in terms of branding and sales.

3 Deployment and completion

Deploy works, measure effectiveness. Adjust the plans to be suitable for each period and ensure KPI.

Website Management Service

Service packages Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Price 3.000.000 đ 5.000.000 đ 10.000.000 đ Liên hệ
Website Content Management
Analyze keywords, optimize existing website contents
Write new, rewrite contents according to growth strategies 8 articles/month 15 articles/month 30 articles/month As required
Number of characters per post 800 - 1000 words 800 - 1000 words 800 - 1000 words 800 - 1200 words
Language Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese
Optimize images in posts (size, brand logo...)
Internal link in posts
Put contents on fanpage
Repair broken links, HTML errors from Google notifications
Commit to website traffic growth KPI (*)
Technical problems
Back up data periodically, ensure data security 2 weeks/time 1 weeks/time daily daily
Report of work done 4 weeks/time 2 weeks/time 1 weeks/time 1 weeks/time
Report the number of website visits
Reminder to renew hosting and domain name
Ensure the website operates stably
Propose improvements, upgrading Website
Support other tracking and measurement tools
Register business information on Google Maps
Initialize editing sitemap.xml
Duplicate Content Analysis
Check out the links connect to the website
Optimizing robot meta tags
Set up 404 error pages

Website is still the channel to reach customers, create a free and most sustainable brand. If you have ever administrated the Web but not yet effective, find yourself an expert

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