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May 13, 2023

Sudo E-commerce Company Limited was established on April 11th,2015. Now, Sudo has 3 offices located in Hanoi, Vinh and Ho Chi Minh city.

Thanks to a team of talented engineers in Vietnam and Germany, we always strive to supply our customers with high-quality goods that meet European standards.

Brand Meanings - Sudo

Sudo stands for “superuser do” that allows users to run programs with administrative capabilities in the operating system. Sudo commands are used when other commands do not have adequate permissions to run, which is a symbolic use with Sudo, and work will be done with the highest priority and responsibility.

Sudo aims to "Do it pro". We orient and apply new technologies to serve customers all around the world and execute complex demands and technologies. The products, which Sudo created, are based on German and European standards.

With all products, service, projects Sudo provides, we are constantly optimizing the process, applying automation technology, and designing solutions to match the different requirements in order to solve problems as effectively and optimally as possible.


Sudo aims to become one of Vietnam's 10 leading most authoritative e-commerce companies, with a revenue of over $10 million USD each year. Sudo built a professional workplace, offering high-quality services to clients with a 5-year vision.


For market:

  • Sudo provides high-quality products and services to satisfy customers.
  • Customer benefits are always ensured by counseling, accurate costs, opportunities Sudo brings to. 
  • Dedicated assistance and a specific handover.
  • Cooperate, share experiences to benefit the community.

For its employees:

  • Sudo provides a dynamic, professional, and transparent working environment.
  • Promote cooperation and creativity.
  • Create conditions that allow for high and unlimited income, and fair opportunities for everyone as well.

For society:

  • Sudo actively contributes to social activities.
  • Actively share experience in order to assist and support the community.

Core Values

  • The greatest quality products and services are always guaranteed.
  • Each product or service is the result of hard work, research, and continuous improvement.
  • Creative labors, efficient work, and constant development.

Contact us:

Sudo E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Registered Office Address: Trung village, Viet Hung commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi.

Company Office Address:

  • 19 Co Van Street, Viet Hung commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi.
  • 7 Quang Trung Street, Quang Trung Ward, Vinh city.

TIN (Text identification Number): 0107082414 granted by Hanoi Authority for Planning & Investment (HAPI) on April 11th, 2015.

Hotline: 024.666066.44 – (+84)989.022.022 – (+84)971.71.41.41

Email: [email protected] 

Website: www.sudo.vn

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