Software Development

Software Development Programming Web-App software on demand
Git Code warehouse, which records the entire source code change history in the project and controls any changes in the source code (code).
Laravel The most popular PHP framework in the world, convenient for application development, maintenance, and security.
Load Balancer Supports load balancing and expanding to very large traffic with multiple users at the same time.
Docker Create a separate and independent environment for the application to operate and increase security and scalability dynamically.
Optimization Optimize data, applications, and servers to make your application work most stably and efficiently.
Open VPN Ensure Data Safety with the secure transmission, and control every connection to your data (from within)
On-demand Building We understand the difference and specificity of each business, so Sudo always offers software construction solutions for businesses. Digitize and deploy easily and quickly by leveraging the power of Web Applications.
Build and deploy quickly. Build and deploy quickly.
Connect and expand with other systems. Connect and expand with other systems.
Real-time updated data. Real-time updated data.
Support all devices and operating systems. Support all devices and operating systems.
On-demand Building
Flexible expansion and customization
Flexible expansion and customization We advise, implement, and provide a support team throughout the project. We have solutions and technologies that can solve large and complex data, storage, and access problems in one project.

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SUDO Customers We are fortunate to have great customers and partners who have accompanied and supported us during the past time. If you can't find the right pre-made app, why not build your own app to automate, optimize your business. If you do it yourself but it doesn't work effectively, find yourself a professional.
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